Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it may take to complete my order?2018-07-30T10:35:23+01:00

Basically we can deliver all the orders( up to 2000) within 3 hours after getting the order. If you need earlier or slower, then please inform us. You can ask for spread out over any days you need. Thank you.

2. What do you need to start voting?2018-07-30T10:37:48+01:00

We only need your link to vote with proper instructions like name and whee to vote.

3. Do I have to provide any of my password?2018-07-30T10:26:02+01:00

No, we never ask for it! We only need your link and name to vote. Thank you.

4. Can you guarantee for Unique IP Addresses For Each Votes?2018-07-30T10:24:27+01:00

Yes, 100% unique IPS for sure for each and every votes we do. Don’t worry about it.

5. Is there possibility to get detected or ban From The Contest?2018-07-30T10:23:06+01:00

No, Never, we always deliver 100% manual & legit work using all different ips and different user agent. So no worries about the issues.

6. Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?2018-07-30T10:21:11+01:00

You can order us from the website using Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Your Local Bank Account Should Work ALso With Your Card.

7. Will I get mail confirmation after placing order or when it gets completed?2018-07-30T10:18:50+01:00

Yes, 100% sure. You always get emails from us for any issues either you submit order or we complete the order.

Latest Feedback

Excellent Customer Support even after I placed the order. I won the contest with the help of the guys. Highly Recommended for online voting services. Thank you so much.

Jose, Wheeling, IL

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